🦷 Tired of cavities? Get proactive with your dental health and learn to prevent. What are your teeth trying to tell you? Our technology is patent-pending. 🦷

Target What Matters

Most people know to brush and floss. But often times, that isn't enough. Oral Genome dives deep to try to understand and uncover what really matters.


Why Oral Genome

  • Dental testing leads to prevention
  • Oral health links to systemic health
  • Spend less time at the dentist
  • Place your product function here

Why choose us

Easy Collection Method

It's just your spit. Our proprietary salivary stabilizers maintain the integrity of your saliva during transport.

Affordable Pricing

The test costs less than a non-insured dental visit and less than a white filling.


Lab results are processed in a CLIA-certified lab and reviewed by dentists within days of receiving your sample


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