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What Your Saliva Says About Your Teeth

Saliva is approximately 99% water. However, that last 1% contains extremely important things that can predict your dental health. It is a misnomer that brushing and flossing, along with cutting back on sweets is just enough to keep your teeth cavity free. However, sometimes the most avid brushers and flossers still get cavities.

Our saliva contains not only water, but also bacteria, mucus, proteins, minerals and enzymes. The mixture and balance of what is in your saliva can help prevent or contribute to tooth breakdown or gum inflammation.

It is extremely important to know how much bad cavity-causing bacteria you have in your mouth and reduce its presence or ability to replicate and reap havoc on your teeth. Knowing this information can help you understand and find ways to reduce your risks for cavities and the need for dental treatment.

The acid levels in your saliva are also important. If your saliva is naturally more acidic, you are at risk for tooth breakdown and cavities. Some health conditions and medications can cause your saliva to be more acidic, and what you eat can also affect the pH of your saliva.

Our saliva has a natural defense in protecting our teeth, and measuring how that defense is working can ultimately provide you much with needed information about your dental health and preventing cavities.

Often a dentist can see what has already happened. We can’t undo cavities that have formed, but we can prevent them from coming back or starting in the first place. Taking the Oral Genome saliva test is one way for us to measure 7 biomarkers in your saliva to tell you your risks for cavities and gum disease. I highly encourage you to try it today!

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