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Are Cavities Contagious?

COVID-19 has been on everyone’s minds this past year as one of the most contagious health conditions ever. But what about cavities? Are they contagious?

Cavities are absolutely contagious. Most people blame eating too much sugar or drinking soda as cavity-causing activities. But other activities such as kissing can transmit cavities from one person to another.

When people kiss, they swap bacteria with each other. Having bacteria in your mouth is normal and regular dental cleanings with your hygienist will help keep the bacteria in check. However, people with poor dental hygiene and lots of plaque and tartar build up have bacteria that keeps multiplying. This bacteria can be transferred when kissing, putting others at risk for cavities.

There’s nothing wrong with showing affection and giving a kiss. Just make sure your mouth is clean with lower bacteria count.

Want to know how much cavity-causing bacteria you have in your mouth? Take the Oral Genome test to find out.

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